Builders Warranty Inspection

Most new homes have a one-year warranty offer from the home builder.  As you get closer to the first anniversary of your home, are you confident that everything is in proper working order?

Terrapin Inspection LLC will come to your home during the eleventh month and perform a complete home inspection before the expiration of the builder's warranty.

Many people would assume that a new home should be free of defects, unfortunately that is often not true.

When new homes are built there are often multiple subcontractors working at the same jobsite.

Communication channels may become diluted and often there is the stress of meeting deadlines.

With all the moving components of new construction, combined with working with multiple tradesmen, even the best builders may miss something.

Some of these defects, if left for an extended period of time, have the potential to cause extensive damage. This damage will eventually become the responsibility of the homeowner to repair out of his/her own wallet.

Sometimes, the defect goes unnoticed until it is discovered by a buyer's inspector when the homeowner goes to sell the house. 

By having a certified home inspector review your home before the warranty expires, you may be able prevent future damage and/or further deterioration of the building components.

You will be provided with a home inspection report that includes an itemized summary page. You can then use this information to assist you when presenting the builder with your requests for repairs.

A builder’s warranty home inspection is a small investment that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Remember to schedule your home inspection before your one-year builders warranty expires.