Certified Sewer Scope

Certified Sewer Scope

Most people will consider an inspection when there is a septic system attached to the home. When there is a public waste system connected, there is still the potential for there to be costly defects between the home and the sewer main. This is especially important on older homes which may have buried pipes made of materials that will deteriorate such as cast iron.

A certified sewer scope utilizes a high-tech camera on a flexible cable snake to view and record the interior of the sewer lateral pipe from the home to the connection at the sewer main.

This inspection can find issues such as tree roots, cracked/damaged pipe, ledges at the pipe connections, blockages. The area of the defective condition can often be pinpointed with transmitters on the sewer scope, saving time and effort when repairs are scheduled.

A certified sewer scope can be scheduled on the same day as the home inspection. This will allow you to only have to arrange for access on one day, and streamline your inspection schedule.